Mj pointed Overdrive’s Work Ur Magic Witch

GCh Ch Powerhouse’s Still Water Runs Deep “Hannah” x Red Ryder At Real Pearl HSAsd HIAsd HXAsd “Sparky”

Panka is a very special girl. At the very beginning of her life we thought we’ll lose her as she was born with half the weight of her siblings and wasn’t breathing for nearly a minute. It turns out she was just smushed between two of her Brothers who left her very little room grow in her mom’s belly. Regardless of her disadvantages we felt there was something about her, that je ne sais quoi, we just couldn’t put our fingers on it but there was no doubt she was not going anywhere. She proved us right, she excels in everything she does and has a wonderfully sweet and bubbly personality.

Health results

OFA hip and elbow

Excellent hips for an excellent girl!


CERF/eye exam

CERF Clear in 2018

Glaucoma DNA Clear


Show/Performance highlight


Panka took WB/BOW for a 3 pt major in Grass Valley


Panka is a natural when it comes to herding. Her future looks very bright.

Career highlights