Powerhouse’s Truth Be Told “Eli”

Eli is a very special boy, when I caught wind that this particular litter was born I could not be more excited as his dam and sire were two of my all time favorite dogs! He is on the smaller side for a dog but he’s still growing. He has a wonderfully bubbly, always happy personality, he makes everyone fall in love with him in an instant. We’re not yet sure if we want to pursue a conformation title with him due to his size, but our motto is “never say never” – we shall see what the future holds. However he turns out, he’ll always be our happiest boy. 

Not all pictures and test results are representative of Eli, his page is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.

Health results

OFA hip and elbow

OFA Prelim:


CERF/eye exam


Show/Performance highlight