Food we recommend

We are proud ambassadors of the Fromm Family Food, more specifically we feed the 4 star variety and all of our dogs thrive on it. We chose the fish proteins (Salmon a la Veg and Whitefish & Potato) but we highly recommend the Fromm Brand as a whole, all of their foods are of the highest quality, your dog will love it!

Recommended items to buy

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64 ounce water bowl

We recommend buying this bowl for your dog to have access to fresh water at all times. It’s anti-slid, tip and spill proof.

1 quart water bucket

This bucket is ideal to clip into the wire crate so your dog has fresh water while you’re out running errands.

Classic White knuckle bone

This knuckle bone lasts a long time, about 2-3 months for a young Border Collie.

Chew hooves

Hooves get soft as being chewed on, providing endless entertainment.

Kong rubber chew

Practically indestructible rubber toy

Kong tire

Indestructible rubber tire, can be filled with kibble/treats

Rubber bone

Long lasting rubber bone, our dogs love this

Crackle ball

Fun toy, it is however loud. 🙂

Wire crate

36″ wire crate with 2 side doors is ideal for your home, your dog will stay happy and SAFE while you’re out.

Soft crate

This little crate is ideal for when you travel with your dog. Very lightweight, easy to fold and carry.

Flat collar

We recommend flat collars to train with at first. Every dog has different needs but you should start with flat collar and see if it works. More on this in the training section.

Training leash

Comfortable, durable, double-handled training leash, padded for a better handfeel.

Probiotic Paste

Probiotic paste to have at home to “fix” loose stool situations when your dog just ate something he shouldn’t have.

Kochi Free

All natural herbal extract – antimicrobial AND antiviral, for persistent tummy issues, known to cure Giardia, Coccidiosis, even helpful with Parvo. In case of protozoa infections it’s superior to traditional medicine (it kills the protozoa rather than disrupting its reproductive cycle like traditional medicine does, therefore works faster).

256 concantrate

Antibacterial, antiviral cleaning solution concentrate – 1 gallon will make 256 gallons of cleaning solutions, also has a very pleasant smell, no harsh chemical odors.

Waste bag

Sturdy waste bags, need no introduction. 🙂

Primo crate pads

Practically indestructible crate pads, come with lifetime replacement guarantee!